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Waiting for the white knight on the steed?

As a woman, I had been infested with this myth. He will come and save me from being an ‘old maid.’ And I am told to have faith that he will eventually intervene.

Where was the knight?

Knowing that there is no knight in his shinny armor and friendly steed but private mercenaries on armored military vehicle is a part of growing up. Commercialization and privatization is a fact of everyday life in every political regime these day. You want to grease your machine a bit so it will work– that is expectable, as long as the “people” can be rescued. No money, no security.

Gone were those day when official soldiers fought one another. We now have militia, armed civilians, insurgents and terrorists. They are not tied to code of conduct or geneva convention, thus they roamed free and do what they want, claiming that they are righteous one.

Gone were those day the fight were kept far from civilians. These day civilian fought and high range general observed and order from air conditioned war rooms. Casualties were statistic, used to mobilized more people to kill and be killed, to call for “patriotic” acts and as an excuse to do anything to create exceptions and voids.

The white knight, due to pollution and dust particle turned gray. His then-shinny armor was partly smudged. People’s army so discouraged by the last march that they think they should only mentioned a verbal coup. The knight may be retired and the people’s army leader might be dismissed. Where are the guards?


The proxy war between people and people. People who had been brewed to demand anything to end this.

A grown up lady knows, she cannot always wait for the knight and bad boys are yummy. Wee!


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  1. fall says:

    This post is funny!

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