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What they want? Grenade attack.

UPDATE@ 9.30 am
This article is interesting, tourists wanted to go home. PAD apologized and explained in an English statement. Your victory on us and poor tourists.

I waited until further confirmation.
Bangkok Post
reported grenade attack

Another grenade attack hit the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) protesters on Wednesday at around 6.45am, leaving two wounded.

The blast occurred at the anti-government stage near the acting government house at Don Mueang airport, and the grenade was believed to be launched by unidentified perpetrators from the tollway above the airport.

The two injured protesters were admitted to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Note that despite the claim that grenade must be military weapons, they are not hard to find due to lack of control of illegal weapons in Thailand.

Another grenade attack was reported at Suvanabhumi airport. Rocket launcher M-60 said to be available from Seh Daeng’s prediction did not hit yet. Additionally in front of Taxi radio, people reportedly has been injured by “yellow clad” group of men, leaving those in red sent to near by hospital and some torching.

I felt lucky that I neither look good in yellow, pink of red. The matter of what to wear now is critical.

Seemed like the government wanted people to see true color, this time. When they go down, they will not have any chances of picking up the momentum and gain popularity or support.

Goodbye PADs, your counting down had begun on Monday, and time is almost up. I shall miss blogging you greatly. But I won’t miss your rally, apart from a couple of really good southern road side stalls.


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