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Struggle to be HAPPY

I was talking to a friend in Nakorn Si Thammarat who was not so eager about it. She inquired about situation in Bangkok and said she was annoyed and even angry at Suriyasai’s excuse of self defense. She asked how could reporters did their duties? If I had to listened to them, I would have argued a lot. Yet, people in Nakorn Si Thammarat in her area live normally. We spent a lot of time and energy checking news (and I blog) mostly bad news or irritated news. I didn’t take her call earlier because I napped before and after Somchia’s announcement.

Most southerners enjoyed income from tourism and their fellow southerners blocked the airport. who care about the “smile.”

Happiness, during such time seemed to be fade during the hourly blast of gruesome news, hate news, hate interviews, hate speeches, hate comments, hate group at the airport. There were people injured and killed. I could walk into the street, wearing wrong colour at the wrong place and face whatever might come.

A friend of mine use to keep a quote “One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. — Friedrich Nietzsche.” Don’t like Neitzche myself, but perhaps this time we have to hold on to this quote. Could not keep me happy at the cost of casualties. We are already lucky, be thankful that we would not be facing direct impact of lay-off. Be thankful for our choice to stay at home and not any airport or stadium. Be thankful that the country will have to be wounded so that it will have a remarkable scar. This would be last time you’d see this like of movement, I joked.

It is decaying from within, you know.

Be happy that we do not have to face the dilemma to execute something and choose for our future political destination by our own hands. Be happy that we will not have to share any smear of blood and corpse. Be happy that things that you did not like will quit you, not you quit it. Be happy to see people in their real light. Be happy not to have to turn left with T on the steering wheel, as he is apparently not left and it shows.

My thought drifted to a day after a Sri Lankan foreign minister, Lakshman Kadirgamar, was assassinated. Despite check points, People were playing cricket. Life goes on in ‘state of emergency.’ Serenity. A discussion if I should leave before the government decided to close its airport, which usually happens.

Life goes on. I was not happy that someone was killed, but I was entirely happy experiencing a Sri Lankan state of emergency.

It is here, silently growing under pile of dirt and PPP/PAD leaders shit. Hey, I like the people of both camps. most unarmed old ladies. They are just mirroring one another.

As the phone cut off and after I would finish this very post, youtube clip would be ready to watch. Then a walk to enjoy night serenity to find some water, really running out of it. Some mineral water make me happy at first sip. The I will begin the loop again at 4.30 or sort of. Perhaps I will go for 24 hrs dim sum, checking the rumor that there are soldier at BTS or not.

Sometimes being happy is made, not felt.


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