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Should the government (have) act(ed)?

Knowing at any instigation of preventive crowd control against PADs and the government employed non-retaliation as an approach to sink the whole ship by public sentiment, it is not very surprising that the government will let the situation rotten, not ripe for the benefit of silence counter attack and the art of doing nothing as non-violence.

Something can be preventively done to deter people from causing harm to tourists and people who really need to travel and go to work. Unarmed riot police? People who found to use firearms and carry explosive should be arrested, regardless of their color. People who use non-violence must not used arms in self defense. They have crossed that line and there is no need to further demonstrate how unfit and unruly these people are. This is illegal and must be promptly addressed/arrested indiscriminately. Four bombs rocked the city. Several “reds” were hospitalized. They government and the police fail to protect them. A little resistance from crowd control with two empty hands would not hurt its image, particular to prevent such things from causing harm to people. red or yellow or rainbow colors.We have elected or tolerate the fact that you are elected, without joining PADster because you are the government. You earned money to foresee things and to protect people. Please do not repeat PAD’s mistake to sacrifice several heros for your personal cause.

I am not talking to encourage riot police to hit people. I was wondering why there are no deployment of any means to block PADs from taking the airport. I will be waiting for your response at the cabinet meeting. I will not seek intervention from anything but my government, even I did not elect any party. Negligenceto prevent harm

The airport siege was preventable. It was a game and a careful strategy of the government. However, I also question the art of doing nothing, sacrificing security of people at the airport at hand of PAD protesters and any people who might be wearing the wrong color to the wrong place so that the government will enjoy self-destruction of PADs accelerate by their purported negligence to impose minimum security to other people who were affected by the rally. Under the 80/20 scenario, the government should take 20% of accountability.

There are people and tourists waiting to go home or travel for business. There are people who were left in the middle of their bus ride, being told that you cannot go further as the roads were block.

The toll was on us. The government reaped benefit. PADs reaped shit.


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