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Effects of the one last war (I)

I do not like to use the words fight, wage wars or battle. Socially programed language to make people think about those would curtail notion of winning and losing, self and the other–at the end of a barrel of a gun. In this case, several guns. Surpassing these dichotomies would be difficult. First, because we lack any other descriptive terms to explain cognitive conceptions. Secondly, because we are programmed into the fighting mode, that in every rhetoric of a movement, it would be infested with waring (as opposed to struggling).

We have war on drugs, war on poverty, war against bureaucratic system or against tyrant.
In a war, there must be a winner. No stalemate. It must be final. When it is final, there will be peace at the end of a war.

To me a ‘peace’ proposed by PADs is a bleak one. The future that anyone can do anything when they hold up the country and its institution as an massive shield. Reductionism will be equally awarded. You do not agree with me means you do not love the nation and its packages. I am, PADs leaders said, the only way, monopolized way to love the nation.

Political and parliamentary mechanism will be weakened significantly. No need to participate in proper election or send your representative to the parliament. The easier way is to take the street if you have the mean to do it. Political figures could be supporting this kind of rally to underpin their points. The method will be popular upon Thaksin’s decision to return. Don’t blame him, blame PADs for setting the new standards of unaccountability, of causing public annoyance to force out their trivial agenda.

Genuine civil political movement, a rally was used to be a tool for the marginalized people. In the recent year, PADs 2 has changed it to something of the PADs-proclaimed power middle class and higher class. Names of business owners, old riches with romanized name given by kings, entrepreneurs and educated people as new PADs rally, hoping to added up credit to the movement and their “oh-so-virtuous” mission will make any successive rallies by small people, who may not make it to the standard became invisible. To those people, small and peaceful rally which are not paid or supported by anyone but their own saving, is the one mean to have their concern heard. Otherwise, people who do not understand the implication of rally for small scale civil movement would branded them as causing annoyance and public damage like PADs, who actually give political rally a very bad name.
Causes amnd motives to stage a rally might be affected. People who demanded the safety of their hometown rather than coming up with glossy national appeal would have a headache communicating their causes. I even feared that the movement would have to be subsumed in a massive national ones, to be watered down rather than to stand out and speak up.

This government will not be the last one to have a rally like this, or could it be? I was thinking if the rally would be a reasonable ground for the government to enact Rally Act. The public sentiment now would rather be supportive.

The waring ideology used by PADs is a massive reminder that we need more thorough peace studies education and not in a master or post graduate course. The program should be mandatory applied to junior and middle school students because signing the national anthem is not enough. To PADs (or anti government) or Thaksin believers (or pro-government), they could believe in anything the leaders said it is non-violence. We need to re-inform people and need to clean up definition and example of conflict management by peaceful mean and non-violence a lot after this. It would be useful to also examine compulsory Buddhism class schools. Does it make people more kind toward each other?

Effects on the government is minimal. Cause them some discomfort of not being able to work, but still get paid. I would welcome it.

Effect on global warming is massive. Do you think the clappers can be recycle? who cares, they said they are here to save the nation from Thaksin. Did they read the law of attraction books?

In finger pointing, one finger pointing at the other, three fingers pointing at you.


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