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PADs call for people with vehicles to meet at 4 am.

PADs will stage another mobile blocks, asking people to fill petrol in thier tanks and join the protest today in fronะ of Nang Lerng tuft. The vehicle caravan is reportedly headed to Don Mueang.

Government’s no arms, no resistance seemed to be working as people will realize the PADs could not make Somchai quit by rampaging the city causing congestion. Congestion is more perceivable threat to individiauls than the fall of the country to Thaksin’s hand, which is reasonable. The government seemed to wait for the neutral and silent people to demand that PADs must quit. Bangkok Post reported security beefed up.

Heading out to the steet now, probably will find a bus. it is unsafe to board unknown political “ideology ” vehicles or taxi. I am crazy, but that was my risk management.


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