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Prachatouch to day reported that there would be a mail-in petition and calling for signature of 5 M people to ask for a royal pardon. I am giggling because what they have presented it self and the furtive manifestation of the movement, particularly the one for a portion of supporters, the master’s tools should not be, by all mean, used to dismantle thaksin’s potential captivity. There are people who are convinced that the red movement will give them what they want. Dismantling the system, and look what the chief is pondering in mind. A royal pardon with a double implication, but only for thaksin’s benefits, whether he would be granted it or not. Not a total submission, but a belligerent move. Depending on his discretion is a treat? I am amused.

that said, the current movement did not really care about ideology, they only care to achieve what they want. Despite the rumors and speculation about the ties, the last thing I would expect if to push for a royal pardon. Still, this show that they will have to appear to be respectful for a while. Still they have to tell certain group of people about their allegiance and that the other was corrupted. Looking at both side’s newspapers, there are accusation of the opposition and claims that their side are more loyal, meanwhile, legal proceeding are used to maimed people who thinks different, and most of the time unprotected by taking the right side.

So this leaves me with a scone in one hand and subsequently ants on my computer to lament that the true goal of the R******* will not be realized by the people who subversively use any master’s tool, to destroy the house, but without extorting undue benefits for themselves. The movement will not honor change or revolution.

viva la vida (coldplay)
and the red shirt chant in unison, “viva la thaksin.”


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