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First address of the day by PADs leaders

Figures: PADs source said over 100,000 (but how many?).

Bangkok Post: [should not trust Sonthi L’s figure.]

PAD leader Sondhi Limthongkul claimed that about four to five people working for the government were behind the blasts at the group’s demonstration sites over the past few days. Their information and residential areas are being sought before the PAD will send about 100,000 of its volunteers to their houses, Mr Sondhi threatened.

AP: ABout 16 hours ago.

Protest leaders were calling for Sunday’s rally to be their biggest ever, but the number that turned out appeared to be at most just one-quarter to one-third the 100,000 supporters protest spokesman Parnthep Wongpuapan said had been expected.

Sonthi informed that office was attacked.

First, everyone should move to siege the Parliament first. They are advised to follow the leaders. Everyone except the elderly are asked to move to the march within the next ten minute to form lines at Missakawan Rd. The rest of the people will be waiting outside.

Chamlong said details of where they would move next will be informed after they are at the Parliament. Chamlong asked people not to worry about any danger and that they should not carry no weapons and smile. At the junction, people are requested to listen to their group leaders.

They also asked people who haven’t arrived to joined the rally to join in front of the parliament.

Pipop Thongchai told the people that the constitution draft proposed to the union of the parliament will remove privy council members. Protesters must help stop it.

An MC asked people in every areas to block roads, even though they may not want to join PADs or maybe neutral to help preventing violence. Chamlong tried to bring the army to involve by saying they are ready to move. [Don’t think it will work] MC tried to mentioned that business tycoons also joined the movement.

Will let mainstream media take over from now on. Bloomberg. Reuter pondering scenarios. go to page 2 if you must. Washington Post.

7:30 Nation: Police retreated into the parliament.


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  1. absolutelybangkok says:

    Any reliable figure how many people they manage to mobilize?

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