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Finally, what do YOU want?

I was wondering if fellow readers would be sick of the final declaration, final protest and final rallies. There have been too many finals. The protracted rallies can be ignited after someone is injured or killed or when some figure called from oversea.

We can’t have many finals, can we?

Move on people. The world will not end. The country will not be significantly better of when people gathered and expressed their hatred toward the opposition just because they believe that whatever they do is right and the other wrong.

Both side want crises. Thaksin wants crises so that he can step in and offer to help the country out. Less we forget that he have to prove that the judiciary was purportedly biased against him. Less we forget that he, with more than sufficient mean, can afford to derail rule of law. PADs wants crises, blood, civilian casualties to stop Thaksin and his people from changing the constitution.

They want this mess, bloody crash, pressure, conflicts and everything they can manipulate to hurt the country so that their side can win. I just want the country with no color. Perhaps gray, like color of brains.

Crises are what those people want. They need more and more crises badly. But I really disagree with the idea that we need crises to change and tension to the boiling point for transformation. Then casualties will be regarded as inevitable output of the equation. They need some people in hospital or in coffin for progress of the nation or for conflict resolution or transformation. I don’t believe in it and I hope you will agree.

And the country and the two camps leaders have to transcend this crazy ideology. Can someone dial negotiators? I detest to give them what they want.

Casualties are not a must to create a shining state.


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