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But for different reasons (The Shinawatra divorce and Sor Jed)

UPDATE: Guess who is on Sor Jed Monday’s forum: Mr. T, Ms. Krabanglom and Ms. Robot.

This blog is about to be a Thaksinoblog. I really don’t like that but apart from the limited time and report about the south and other security issue, there are not much things to muse about, despite the fact that I would really love to do that.

So you know that Thaksin and khunying Potjamarn (will he still be a Khunying after a divorce or just a “Ms.”?) filed divorce for awhile but it has just been a hot debate recently and it was said to be for political and economic reasons.

A high-ranking government source confirmed the couple had signed the divorce papers at the Thai consulate in Hong Kong.

The divorce took place less than a month after the Supreme Court sentenced Thaksin to two years in jail and acquitted Khunying Potjaman over conflict of interest charges in the Ratchadiphisek land deal case.

The prison sentence prompted the UK to cancel entry visas for Thaksin and his wife.

A political observer said the divorce could be legally motivated to protect the couple’s assets, which are mostly held in the name of Khunying Potjaman.

The National Anti-Corruption Commission revealed last year that Thaksin officially declared assets worth 614.39 million baht when he took office, while Khunying Potjaman had 8.48 billion baht.

The Manager will, on Monday, supplied another confirmation. If you read Sor Jed, as a political intimate news then you would realized that the couple, according to the Manager source, did not go well together for ages. You would have known about the speculation the result of the land case before hand (the wife will not be guilty, but for a different reason). It’s not a prediction but perhaps a by-chance news that happen to come true.

This is how rich people do, normally, in business.

Sor Jed’s column is probably the first place that leak news about PM Somchai’s refrigerators purchase with different ladies who look nothing like his wife. At the bright side: 1) I don’t have a fridge in my apartment yet (for health/nature cure reason) 2) Perhaps he is the fridge expert.

Sor Jed is a weekly celebrities gossip column, my close resource of entertainment business who have been reading for years told me that they are many writer and a group of “[spy] team” to fetch accurate information. The first case that make Sor Jed became acclaimed source of accurate information was when a hostess was pregnant akabenlobefore she even admitted. Well, not our business, but it’s Sor Jed’s business.

The column turned to gossip the then PM S. about his young “gig.” and then almost every prominent figure in PPP and Anti-PADs celebs have their carpets investigated. Sor Jed’s column is the new moral-cop of the cyber world.

But only for different reasons.


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