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Say it with bombs.

The almost daily bomb in PADs during the past tow weeks have make a friend feeling insecure about her house being near the PADs rally.

We talked about the constant PADs rally supporters, who are not interviewed and she felt that general reports were toned like an explosion happen in a blank building. But it was not a blank building. Apart from different direction of finger pointing at the opposition rally, the ex[according to Chamlong]-PADs with 22 pingpong booms and 4 hand grenades, the government and unidentified ronins, guerrilla fighters[?] in the dark, daily respond from Sae Daeng, Panllop Pinmanee, and hostility from PADs supporters echoed by Manager, we rarely need anything else.

Bombs spoke. Not only for a cause, an ideology, but they can raise their level of communication so that the message, demanding to be heard, can be decoded. When a bomb exploded in PADs compound, Anti PADs say, “Quit.” PADs say, “Coup.”

There will be a mission to find/teach them better articulation.


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