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Just missed an explosion at PADs.

I was thinking to check PADs rally today for southern dishes at about 2 am. The weather was nice and it could be an excuse to have yummy supper. I changed plan and missed an explosion because of dim sum.

At five am-ish, I read Thairath reported that at least two male PADs participants has been injured due to an explosion near a stage in the government’s house, only 50 meter from the stage.

The Manager obviously published their account of the story and photos, claiming three has been injured and a suspect with a Bullet Ball gun has been detained to question. Injured people received stabilization medical care at PADs and were sent to Vajira Hospital for minor injuries from shrapnel.


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  1. 1ooooooooooooo1 says:

    They became PadThai. LOLLLLLL

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