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The “sanook” in Thai political rallies and when they can get really dirty.

Dear readers,

After “Aunt Flow is visiting for another coup?” campaign by PADs led by “Kotub” (Kotex (common name for napkins ) + Sonthi’s nickname “Tub”), Thaksin’s phone interview with Reuter, stating his intention of whereabout (the world is his oyster, the new self-proclained global citizenship, being sort of Nelson Mandela) and he did not really stated what he would do next would be interestingly sanook. The man said his next public address may not be televised or bradcasted widely.

“I will phone in and talk to the people who love and have faith in me. I will make a longer speech and start naming names because they have pushed me into a corner,” he said.

We shall see who are those names and see if it would also make him become more “global,” being invited here and there while keep his roots extended to Thailand.

Are we not being lack of political creativity enough recently? Sonthi L. in white start spraying holy water among PADs supporters. Seemed like they know that Thai people and the world would want more political realities shows from both sides. (Photo: Matichon)

Thais are creative and they like to sanook, so as Thaksin and PADs moved on I hope we will have many other more post about gaining daily attention and attraction to the campaigns. even the rallies could not be less politically inspired, lack of concrete agendas but at least some can play along.

Talking about dirty little tricks employed, I would exhausted my fingers mentioning the up-circle repurposed use of shit bombs, urine in water bottles or ‘pee molotov’, dumbing garbages, exposure of male genitalia (and was later fined for public nudity at 500 baht)etc. this could be as dirty as traditional politics itself.

Ewwwww. I am wondering how can they dislike other people so much until they can direct energy to do this kind of thing. The first persons to have to deal with those things hand-on are the ones who prepared them.

Don’t be drag down the spiral. Think *new* and *clean* politics. Like clean air, clean canals and clean energies, it is what we need to think about. Clean politics can be sanook, too.

Peace, Love and Sanook on the upcoming Loy Kratong day. It would be scary to hang out in PADs rally, knowing the



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