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Thaksin’s Visa

The matter is now confirmed by Thai MFA, AFP (via Matichon) said he is heading to Philippines.

Online newspapers here quoted international news that Thaksin and his wife UK visas were revoked. I googled it and found several resources, all of them seemed to use AFP
Straits Time online:

The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the British embassy had informed all airlines in an email on Friday not to allow the couple to board flights to Britain.

‘The British embassy sent an email message to all airlines operating from Bangkok on Friday that the British authorities had revoked the visa for Thaksin and Pojaman,’ he said.

‘It’s (the email is) general practice for all airlines, so no airline can take them on board to England from any port,’ he added.

‘The United Kingdom Border Agency has revoked the UK visas held by the following Thai nationals: Thaksin Shinawatra, Thai Passport Number D215863; Potjaman Shinawatra, Thai Passport Number D206635.

‘The UK visas contained in the passports of the individuals listed above are no longer valid for travel. Airlines are advised not to carry these passengers to the UK.’


Bangkok Post also has it in breaking news.

Recently Thaksin was not in the UK. He phoned from Hong Kong. It has been said about his whereabout in China and possibility of Bahamian passports.

On Saturday, sources close to Thaksin said the former premier probably instigated the order himself.

He has relinquished the application process for political asylum in the UK,” said a close aide to Thaksin who asked to remain anonymous. “A few days ago he decided to terminate the process.”

The British embassy in Bangkok has refused to comment.

Thaksin is believed to be in China.(Emphasis added)


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