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So you want CHANGE, too?

Hello, CHANGE.

I don’t know how to introduce this article for you in English. Some people want to equate CHANGE with what they are doing. They think they can DREAM, bring THE PEOPLE to the street (sorry, the capital letter has became politically correct overnight.)

Well, the people voiced their concerns, as I said earlier in the official election and celebrated on the street.

The connection between Bush and Thaksin was obvious. But the Blue over the red cannot be translated directly to Thai context. It is a different shade of blue. It is a different dream. To dream a pure democratic dream is not PADs’ marketing point.

Obama’s policies are well grounded on immediate needs of the middle-lower class people. Fighting foreclosure, prevent jobs cut and better welfare, etc. The major concerns did not grounded on politician’s video clip, moral or charismatic features and no economic tycoon. And no one dare call this populism.

The new lesson: change can be found in poll booth, please don’t make people get sick of politics and replace voting with something else. One of the most energetic moment in the american history is that people have renew believed in casting ballots again. Whether or not the president-elect can do well or not, or how **** the previous one did, they still have faith in democracy. That is th most important thing. They filled stadiums and go to vote. No phone in to seek royal pardon. Respect the rule of law.

I hope to see that in the next election. I am suck at going to vote, too.


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