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PADs guard shot drunk man driving through road block

So we now have a new state in the middle of Makawan bridge with armed group?

A group of drunken men drived through blockade, they were pissed drunk (someone should have done an alcohol test on them earlier). They broke in to the blockade, annoyed one of them gave the guards middle finger and bullet poured into their car. The driver was shot on the right shoulder.

In the paranoid state of PADs, any gesture could be read as anti-PADs. Preemptive action followed, then the victims might have to wait until the rally would be over then they can do anything. And if armed, nervous guards or anyone would not think too much at all before pulling a trigger.


Self defense.

The Manager reported that PADS guards did not shoot first and the man was arrested for drunk driving and for umm giving his middle finger?

Could PADs leaders make it clear that the guard should not be armed with firearms, please. They already have golf clubs, iron rods and stuff.


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2 Responses

  1. absolutelybangkok says:

    The Nation reported that the drunk anti-PAD guys got arrested, but no action taken against the supposed shooter(s) of the PAD.

  2. fall says:

    Nation headline: “Man injured in shooting with PAD guards”
    And I thought there was a shoot out… It should have been PAD guards shot and injured a man
    May be their English deteriorate or something…(cough-biase reporting-cough).

    But if they really want to stick with that headline, why not goes all the way?
    Praise the guard for shooting those drunk driver with rude road manner. Also promote everyone else in the country to shoot every vehicle driver who flash a middle finger at them.

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