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To have my fair share of it.

The constitution court post a warrant for PPP to testify in party dissolution case. Might be a small win for some, however, what really count is voters.

The new party is said to be established and number of executives reduced to avoid them from being banned from official political activities and this did not stop any of the banned TRT member from their public speech. They could even do more under the less scrutinizing eyes from organizations said to watch politicians. They did not have to report their wealth or be accountable to anything but their interests. Welcome to the jungle.

Ethic was a deciding matter for independent bodies to investigate politicians, but ethic, on the other hand, for voters never mean a squeaky clean person. Who care if they lavish some budget for the people and save some interests for themselves. Enough of telling some to be sufficient. Everybody want wealth generation parties. Not only people in Isarn but also business sectors. They love wealth, mega projects and deal with government,too. Sufficiency was a new green or a cloth bags, a marketing campaign that did not sound right because desire to purchase and to be wealthy is not bad at all, particularly for the new lower middle class. The thai ideal of being in the same par as your neighbors, you colleagues or friends doesn’t sound like limiting one’s appearance to one’s budget.

People who pick wealth generation party or coalition know more than the superficial glow of ‘enough.’ Why have enough when you can have more, from tax payers’ money. Why not vote for any party that will bring wealth and development. Wealth is good. I have never seen any regular wealthy people give up wealth. They may donate some of their money, but they don’t give up. So that must be good. Let the politicians corrupt, well, every politicians are corrupted, but do not forget the share for the people.

Populism is the way to mutually benefit people who need some facelift. People who claimed they do not have to are those whose wealth are beyond populist policy influence. They did not have to rely on free buses and trains or worry that no one will guarantee their loans.


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