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Shhh… shhhh… it’s so quiet, isn’t it.

As I finish reading the post by the Pundit, I ran to the nearest shop where the Economist is available. They are still there, shinny, in the stone engraved wounded tiger cover.

Since the arrest of any person who quoted the lese majeste content, regardless of their intentions. Private discussions have been going on at the speed of sound. That’s ok. No need to be academic, no need to back up with claim. It began with the rumor has it that…

The police and special service are monopolizing determination power. Because the content are not available to the public. Only people with means will care to check it out. Verifying facts are not easy and it is not even support by the current internet law. Discussing in constructive manner is not wanted. It doesn’t mean they can stop anyone. And it’s not quiet.

it is very critical to find information, to ‘discuss’ in private, because this time the situation forced people to take side or take distance. But that manipulation was not our choice, not our decision and we just need to take a stand during the next episode of perhaps, the Curse of Golden Flower?


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