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Small Crash of Two Small Countries

It was not like when Iraq or Afghanistan was “taken” or the case of Georgia. The oppositions of the states, in case it is not a clash of Titans or between non-state and a state is quite interesting in the case of Thailand and Cambodia.

The media and international legitimacy played an important roles and when a diplomatic member of Cambodia were summoned, it was already a bit late. The claim and two dead bodied of Cambodian soldiers will be a task for Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs to clear a conviction that Thailand had attacked first.

Cambodia and Thailand have been sparring over the land since July and tensions mounted this week after talks on Monday failed and about 80 Thai troops entered a disputed area, enraging Cambodia.
After the fighting ended Wednesday, Cambodian and Thai officials traded barbs over who had started the violence.
“The gunfire between Cambodia and Thailand was in Cambodia’s territory. Thai troops opened fire at our troops first,” Hor Namhong told reporters, before issuing a statement to the media addressing the Thai government.
“Cambodia strongly protests against these repeated and very serious armed provocations by Thailand which would lead to large scale armed hostilities between the two countries,” it said, announcing a complaint would be lodged with the UN Security Council.
Thai Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat said the situation along the border had returned to normal but added that Bangkok would lodge a complaint with Phnom Penh.
“We are not the ones who ignited the violence,” Somchai told reporters but added that he was confident the tensions would be resolved.

It could be interesting to check Cambodian English newspaper.


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