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Somchai could have been investigated, if the Opposition party does the job

A smaller news among PADs crash with police and whether it is tear gas or who possess stockpile of weapons used to injured and killed people in the rally in Matichon read senators to submit petition for the Constitution Court to decided if Mr. Somchai Wongsawat’s possession of share in CS Loxinfo. The company contractual business operation with the state, resulting in conflict of interest, violating against Section 48 of the Constitution. Moreover, they will also petition the court on Somchai’s daughter as well.

Why didn’t the opposition party, especially the Democrat undertake the duty earlier? It takes, according to the news, 15 MPs or senators to do.

Frankly speaking, the Dem did not actively pursue the conflict of interest investigation these years. They merely wait until a member of cabinet did something wrong like the Preah Vihear agenda, but would they question conflict of interest and share holding issue?

Here is a list of people that was reported to fall in the same category as Somchai and his daughter. The list included mr Suthep Teuksuban, for example.

Will the opposition party wait until the constitution court say anything or they will let the senators do the job that they could have done.


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  1. Oishi lady says:

    The Democrats are so ineffective and useless as they can only talk (NATO) and try to win elections by default when the winning party is disqualified. I stop voting for the Democrats a long time ago in general elections. However, I voted for K. Apirak for running Bkk Metropolitan well enough.

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