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I have been balancing my works, my thesis and going to see Thailand Open (which had been put as a priority after I decided if no one wants to watch, I will go on my own). I was away in 2004 and 2005 and in 2006 I was engaged in other work and in 2007 I was just disinterested. While I went to watch the Djorkovics and later the so-called Mr. Unpredictable. And I just decided that if I don’t put a space in my schedules, chatting and shopping and working aside for 4 hrs, then I would not be able to kick them aside and even though Yevgeny Kafelnikov were in Bangkok, I would not have the courage or the experience of putting my entertainment first and go for it. I’d be in a workaholic rat race forever if I don’t stop.

Ok, let’s talk about Dr. Prawes, “Mr. Predictable,” earlier he compared the situation of Thailand as chicken in a closed bamboo basket, where he proposed the rhizomatic structure of civil participation against three brick top-down structure. Deleuze and Guattarri or Max Weber should have been credit a bit? And the top down structure is not necessarily “un” democratic or representing dictatorship. The man has also proposed the new transformative national agenda also presented in Matichon and it has be welcomed.

While I was out watching another unpredictable match before writing about the new opportunity of getting out of limiting space of enclosed chicken basket, he came out with an article on “old” and “new” politics and “araya prachatipatai” (civil democracy?)

Please welcome the article in “การเมืองเก่าเน่าหนอนชอนไช การเมืองใหม่อารยะประชาธิปไตย” [the old rotting politics and the new civil democracy]Matichon and Manager (note how every opposing characteristic is being put in polarized dichotomy using a table to present the old-bad/new-good). I don’t need to translate or recap it, because, apart from, it is predictable. The academia is rushing to provide proposal and supports, hoping that it wold solve the national crisis. Dr. Prawes is proposed to chair the new national independent studies/working group, commission or whatever.

So it goes Mr. Predictable.


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