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Opps, should we check if it is smuggled from the south?

The Star Online reported:

Friday September 12, 2008

Family selling firearms smuggled from Thailand

HARIAN METRO front-paged the report of a family believed to have been actively running a firearms business, selling M16 rifles smuggled from Thailand.

According to police records, the family, including the father, son and daughter-in-law, had criminal records which included drug abuse and firearms offences.

The 54-year-old head of the family is said to have 15 criminal cases against him in the country and is now in jail in Songkhla, southern Thailand, for firearms offences and human trafficking.

On Aug 29, Perlis police obtained information from their south Thailand counterparts and raided the man’s house in Kampung Utan Aji where they discovered an M16 rifle with 41 bullets.

The man’s wife, 41, was detained on suspicion of firearms possession.

Perlis police chief Datuk Ghazali Mohd Amin said the M16 rifle and live bullets were found by a team from the state police contingent headquarters serious crimes division in a Volvo parked in the compound at 7.30pm.

“The man is currently serving a two-year prison sentence Ghazali said.

“We are communicating with our Thai counterparts to get more information on how the rifle and bullets were brought into the country,” he added.

Police are also on the lookout for the son and his wife to assist in investigations.

Those with information can call the police at 04-9082276.

The man is jailed in Songkla.. mmm…


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