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A Closed Door Talk in Indonesia on the South

UPDAT on the talk:

Reuter identified a “delegation” among “[…] five representatives from the Thailand’s predominately Muslim deep south and the Buddhist-led government in Bangkok attended the two-day meeting which ended on Sunday.” as including “Kwanchart Klaharn” yet the MFA naturally denied government’s involvement in the talk, according to Tharit Charungvat, MFA spokesperson.

In Bangkok, Foreign Ministry spokesman Tharit Charungvat said his government was not involved in any talks in Indonesia and it had not asked Jakarta to act as a mediator.

“We did not send any representatives to Indonesia,” Tharit said. “Our stance is that the situation in the south is an internal conflict and we will not set up any talks with the militants.”

This article came short of my reading because I am not a Jane’s subscriber. In short:

However, incident statistics compiled by Jane’s from both official and independent sources clearly indicate the extent to which the security forces have succeeded in reducing the violence.

Radio Australia reporting a talk between “The Thai government and community representatives from the country’s restive Muslim South” Matichon published this piece, too. (link to my clippings storage) The That agency said the progress of the talk will not be available for the public and the press.

Ok, why they sneaked out to meet and will not talk about it, I will never know, but I suspect that the community representatives must be important enough they would not hold it at CS Pattani 🙂


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