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70:30/50:50/100:0 and another 19 September

Chamlong claimed that Chavalit Yongjaiyuth also proposed 50:50 elected/selected representative concoction. The 70:30 which were booed by politicians and academics alike was said to be a sample model to allow people from every occupation to participate in the [parliamentary] politics. In short, it will allowed people to become full-time politicians, not just participating in politics.

Politicians have many occupation and the deadlock of allowing people to participate in politic is just a myth unless anyone would be willing to lift constraints that prevent normal people to participate in politics, in and outside of the House of Representative.

The selective elective dilemma is not the choice of the people just because the PADs has five reps that speak for the rest of the people in its own newly established PADs police state. If you want to know what it is like, Prachatai has a clip by Channel 7 reporters.

Even the PADs leader convinced that the rally is democratic and it is underpin by a (coup induced ) democracy that reduce people participation to zero, unless you count giving flowers to soldiers and take photo shots with them.

The theme “majority rules is not enough” will finally paved way for a more competitive business of being selected. An average Somchai (as in average Joe) would be likely not to be selected. It would be people with certified outstanding good conduct, NGOs like Suriyasai Katasila, media tycoon like someone connected to the PADs, and national-wide famous NGOs.

So where do this lead to. Probably another old politics or early Thaksin I. I remember everybody think that he would be the new hope. And how has it gone down the hill since then. The selected representatives could also be PADs nominees.

Upon discovering that even Abhisit could not be single drop of pure water among other “Saen Saep” low oxygen canal MPs who hold more than 5 per cent shares in companies or who dispensed movie tickets, would this, too, be the future or selected representative?

Alright, another thing to worry: whether the selected or elected will be effective to deal with recession.


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