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Six degrees of separation: The good, the Bad and the Aesthetic of the Ugly in “Old” Politics

The first news:
Apirat Kosayolthin Democrat’s Party, acting as the Bangkok Governor and the other for miscalculating the width of Soi Ruam Ruedee, resulting in an order for construction of high building, which is a violation of a regulation issued under the Building Control Act, Kwankaew Vajarotaya is among the plaintiff.

Expect the ripples of “loyalty?”

Likewise, even though Somchai,the talk of the town is an in-laws and I can hardly find six degrees of separation between him an Thaksin, it is hope that the PPP party mechanism and their steadfast cling to the seat will make him reign his acts. The survival of Thaksin Shinawatra and the government may coincide. He will have to compromise covert operations to bargain for the whole party’s survival, which should be easier after the rain have discouraged PADs protesters, never mind their less sane policies that change on daily basis.

His important mission would be, the pending party dissolution case in court, to hold on as long as possible and constitution amendment (which must be handle with extreme care, given his in-laws position.

Given Samak has been hand picked as a “nominee” anyone, despite relative connection, can be as well. Yet Somchai is a potential candidate to keep the party from falling apart.

Interest and power games are the most important factor that keep politicians in check. Good politicians, elected or selected politicians can bad. The democratic system can make sure that any monitoring mechanism for violation of law is functional, that the parliament works to scan their own flock (to prevent political ban and party dissolution) and the opposition parties, not just covering the wrong doing until they are caught to keep the popularity of the party, then the need to worry about elected or selected members, good and moral members will be less important.

The beauty of it? This mechanism will not require politicians to be what they are not. They don’t have to be good or moral. They just have to do the right things by law and make sure that they have effective remedies that people, the majority people that will elect them will appreciate. Populism is a term coined by people whose lives do not depend on it. The rich, proud and minority people like you and I can go to private hospitals if we must, use taxi instead of free bus, have enough to pay for our rents, bills and expensive books and have enough time to blog, have good credit to borrow money from bank, are offered to have a credit card, rather than begging to pay higher interest rate from loan sharks because they don’t have any assets or credits to secure reasonable loans. This, my readers, are the people majority of people that political parties should target.

Call it populism, advance vote buying or anything.

During the last two years, there are many head of the government that were asked or coaxed to resign for the good of the parties, if they did not do so willingly. I hope PPP is cultivating the merging of personal/party interests to keep its position as long as possible and I wish them luck in doing so.

Most of the time, if the self-scrutiny for personal/party benefits run well it would even make the system more effective than recruiting outsiders or third party to run a government, because they would hardly think about making good impression for the next election. They can kill the time doing something like post-coup, third party government usually do, just linger on and pray that they can quit. They can draw just, efficient, sufficient, morally right policies because they do not have to worry about reelection and about their potential customers. Like PADs, they keep their loyal heart to the principles, that is so hard to chew.


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