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Gone (Defense) shopping

Here is Thailand defense shopping list

Most of the package is devoted to a $152.8 million Singapore Technologies-designed amphibious frigate. The Royal Thai Armed Forces will also buy thousands of Israeli assault rifles and Russian shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles.

Thailand has also inked a contract to buy 15,037 Tavor TAR-21 assault rifles from Israel. This $30.1 million buy will boost the Thai military’s total stock of the bullpup-design rifles to more than 30,000 – replacing many of the Army’s aging rifles.

That purchase is coupled with a $4.4 million order for 531 Israeli Negev light machine guns, raising Thailand’s stock to more than 1,100. These will be partially paid for from a special budget tied to securing the violence-scarred Malaysian border, where separatist Muslim insurgents continue to target soldiers and civilians. Russia will also supply 36 Igla-S shoulder-fired, surface-to-air missiles to Thailand – with seven launching mechanisms – for nearly $4 million.

The original source, quoting Thitinan Pongsudhirak, a political and security analyst with Bangkok’s Chulalongkorn University (ISIS)as commented that “The contracts, which Thitinan described as “scattered,” suggest the Thai military lacks a “coherent long-term procurement strategy.”

Yet the plan to purchase the light machine guns has been approved since Surayud’s government (at the same time as the scandal of Ukraine armored vehicles, remember?)

Sometimes it is not about “strategy,” as the deals are often “confidential” for national security, no one can really investigate the explanation why such as such defenses products were selected. Perhaps they gauge it from see too many Cambodian soldiers carrying B40 rocket launchers.


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