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The New Democracy: Delegitimizing election and the “majority”

I have just list promoted characteristic of “Thai” democracy, promoted as early as Thaksin Sinhawatrara’s second government, comparing to the normative perception of democracy

  • Majority/Legitimacy. Contary to “majority rules, minirity right,” the concept of “Thai” democracy questioned the majority government by moral legitimacy, critics like Prawes Wasร has been prmoting concept like reconciliation by people to tolerate any intervention as long as the country arrived to the point he decalred “just” democracy. Early 2008, Prawes pointed out that:
  • People should participated in constitutional writing process and should not believe that a democratic regime should be free from misconception like “the concept that democracy is only an election; there is only national democracy, but not the local one; and reductionism of policitis to a winner takes all election,” which, according to him: “[i]s too easy an temped people to misconductivity. It is too easy because they do not have to prove to be good or capable. They use money to win an election, then they take control. .. [a]buse power and corrupt until the country is rotting.” my rough translation from “บทความ ‘ประเวศ วะสี’ : จะออกจากมิคสัญญีกลียุคได้อย่างไร”

    The implication of a “just” or “good” politicians is not a unique concept to Thai/Buddhist ideology. However, several point from the new concept of good politician and political leader has been used to to say majority is not enough. 

    [the post to be continue after my todo list is shorter.]


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