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If people hate Samak, it doesn’t mean they will like new politic

Meaw has been busy lately, but we have a conclusion. Many people hate having PM who criticise an curse, it doesnot meant they share the common aspiration to 70:30 politics.

So we will see in the 3rd referendum issue. Number two is absolutely hillarious. What is the point for continuing to protest during and after a referendum. PADs should stop protesting even before a formal referendum.

The country already camped into “north-northeast” / central-south” we need a campagin to educate people to accept the result of referendum and not to accuse people who think diffrent as “less educated.”

More about that later. BTW, Tej’s wife collapsed making him resign from the government. Nice excuse for politcs of passion.

Samak quoted Tej as saying in the letter that Tej’s wife could not tolerate him working with this government.

“He used the word ‘collapse’,” Samak said using the “collapse” word in English. “She collapses at the thought that Tej works for Samak,” the prime minister added


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