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Realities could be CGed but the guy really died.

There will be a fight over the dead guy, the
In a riot that two side crash and they are not identified by what they wear and after one person died, with an update from doctor, by the Nation that a Man was killed by impact of blunt object. While life will remain as usual, I felt like the two mobs are very staged, not by who was hitter, but by who was hit. The fight to contact relatives of the dead man and claim that he was PADs or the Nor.Por.Kor.

Even the police did their best, they could have been better at blocking two armed clubs, baseball bat, flag poles, firearms and otherwise to stand apart from each a other. Yes, it is a free country any people can march to the government house, but the police should think about doing proactive measure to prevent any contact, particularly after they have know the “massive cache” of sling shots, baseball bats and golf clubs. Unlike the event in Udornthani, PADs are better equipped.

Like the previous attempts, video and still camera from all side will record, from their limited side of view, based on where they are physically located, not just ideologically located. Empirical proof of injuries and damage, when people have more access to mobile phone cameras and when each side of the protest, the police the media, can capture anything did not mean that they can represent actual overall situation and even answer simple question of who hit who first. Like it or not, our views are limited. Almost everything can be CGed to propaganda plus camera angles and retouching (I refer to both side.) There are PADs in Nor.Por.Kor. clothes, police in PADs, clothes and Nor.Por.Kor. in PADs, clothes and if we did not move beyond who did this, the endless retaliation will continue.

As everything is coming to a shift, it is important to see all that had been choreographed, by the tow side, by media that take side TPBS is to me, pro-samak resignationand NBT mobile broadcast van is at Sanam Luang, yesterday . I was rather disappoint that around 9 pm the em said to people coming from North-eastern province that they would not “see” PADs mob and urge people to remain calm. That’s why we left home early. We could have know that in those words hinted something we can trust: they’d crash soon.

I urged you to go and see both camp. It is not participation. Just go to see what really happened and how people mobilized for “ideological” (a.k.a) personal motivation.


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