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More people are coming from the upcountry. Today protesters from Nakornratchasima arrived but there are only handful of Somtam available and we have picked the right choice at 65 for two ladies who ate a lot! What a deal.  

Meanwhile, you might not have to spend money at all in PADs, they have breakfast, hot water (bring your own cups), lunch, snacks, dinner, supper all day. Some truck may come up with Khao Mun Kai or other things to much around the cloak. Cold bottled water are widely available. I have been told that omelet and rice is a must try.

Mission for tomorrow, Meaw and friend will go to PADs and taste everything. Some people at my apartment ask if I could bring Trang cake, helmet, towels, male undies, water and some snacks, and raincoats back to my apartment mates.  They reasoned that PADs have more than enough to give because they have generous support from a political party, that people in my apartment, as far as I know, do not like them, and as a revenge, they would like to take anything to investigate.  

On Thursday, a person I knew will try to have his fill at PADs, gather stuffs and cake for his family, and move to Sanam Luang where Nor. Por. Chor. (he said it is the new name) camp.

By the way, did you see Nation‘s report on Thaksin to sell Man City. Real fans of Man City in English might start to feel the relief again.


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