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An Exit or a Point of Departure

Today is the fifth  day showdown for PADs and the second day for “taxi driver heart democracy” and Sanam Luang Front. My emaiol start to have several call for petition and several newspaper discussed about solutions. Let me begin with Bangkok Post “Academics spilt over best solution”

The first camp wants to see Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej resign from his post, while those in the other camp have urged him to dissolve parliament to end the crisis. The prime minister should take responsibility for Friday’s violent clashes by giving up the premiership, Surichai Wun Gaeo, a Chulalongkorn University (CU) political scientist said. “The government has apparently failed to create public trust. People have been injured. It should take responsibility for the violent incidents that have happened,” he told a seminar. “If we need to have an election, let’s have it, but we need to think over how to expedite the process without having to face such a political dilemma again,” he added. Lecturers and staff of CU’s economics faculty also issued a statement demanding the prime minister immediately quit his post as widening protests would only worsen the situation and put things out of the government’s control. But Thammasat University (TU) vice-rector Prinya Thewanarumitkul said the prime minister should seek a non-violent approach to the political stalemate by dissolving parliament. A House dissolution now looks unavoidable if bloodshed is to be avoided, he said. Lecturers at Chiang Mai University also urged a House dissolution to bring a respite in the political conflicts. CMU has joined a chorus of peace advocates calling for restraint by both sides.

The solutions offered could hardly bring a point of departure for Thai democratic communities future. I did not elect any party during the past election, but our democratic social contract said you must respect the majority, as know as your fellow Thai citizens, who, by all means, elected them. The government is not PPP lovers not PADs haters, it is our government. Like it or not it had been elected until the Constitution Court would say otherwise. This principle is far from perfect, there are many flaws such as direct or indirect vote buying, financial, policy and moral corruption, conflict of interests practiced widely among elected members as reported by the media. Some cases of misconduct of the past and present governments are being investigated by independent organizations (either appointed by democratic or undemocratic means.) I still look at the brighter sides and existing structures and I think Thailand is far from crisis. No one bar PADs protesters from signing petition not to amend the Constitution. In order to have a democratic community, we must be democratic. Simply give up existing institutions as it could not work fast enough to meet personal demand is not a solution.

We need to see civil action lasted longer than a 90-days protest. The options are still open for politic outside the Parliament where people can prove the government is corrupted by showing, with solid evidences where, when and how they have been corrupted, not just bombarding protesters and media with something you cannot prove or measure. It is not a function to be performed by the independent organization but by everybody to gather, stand up and voice solid concerns what had been wrong.


In terms of solution, PADs has already file charge against police whose action caused injuries and the police, not the prime minister should be accountable for investigation. Simply asking the Prime Minister to resign because of police brutality is nonsense, unless it is proved that he has directly ordered. Even he ordered so, he should not resigned and avoid his accountability. Thai society have heard and already forgotten that those who commanded violence against people always, after an exit, a resignation and a dissolution of the cabinet, escaped with impunity. Likewise, leader of protesters did not have moral obligation to be accountable “unintended consequence” of leading people to death, disappearance and injuries. Some people who participated in massacre had been promoted afterward.

Asking the PMs to resign is just an exit, it will never bring a point of departure to democratic community. People refuse to shoulder their choices at poll booth and when they realize or told that it is not this government that love enough or loyal enough, they would be ready to kill it at all cost, while killing democracy.


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