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Who fired them? and update with injuries preparedness.

yesterday i reached the pads mob around 19.00 pm-ish after i could not call a freind who weny there. she was inside the government house and people said it was too crowded so i went to the confrontation between PADsters and riot police beside the education ministry. Must be around 19.30 pm. after observing for an hour, i went back. ealier people said that police fired tear gas and some people had been shot (by something). couldn’t smell any remnant of tear gas. When i arrived the UDD protest an hour after, tear gas Prem’s house left its effects and unique ugly smell.  Only smelled something like water, sweat and piss. Maybe I am not a sniffing dog.

Later, people were organized to sit and from human chain and sing protest song in front of riot police who were about 20 meters way.

Danger for firing blank shot could cause people to stampede one another becasue they are so disorganized.

i got bored so i go home.

Anyway since Matichon broadcasted a footage from MCOT showing fume all over the place i don’t know what to trust.


By the way, HRH MAha Chakri Sirindhorn assigned medical team via Nation.


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  1. fall says:

    OK, two stories. Benefit of the doubt would either leave this case open, condemn both, or blame the police for lying through their teeth.

  2. […] Ok, I have seen the TV coverage, but also found this statement by Maew:Must be around 19.30 pm. after observing for an hour, i went back. ealier people said that […]

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