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Is Pallop just a threat to keep Chamlong?

Here is a statement from Gen. Pallop Pinmanee, according to the Nation:

“But if I step in to lead it I’ll use my way, which is not peaceful one,” Pallop said.

“To reach our goal, sometime it has to be painful so that it could go ahead. It’s possible that it could be similar to the May 1992 bloodshed.”

Was it just a threat or he just want to show that Chamlong and others should not be arrested, as they used the “peaceful” way. Since messy protest in front of Prem’s house, using obvious violence to provoke being cracked down by authority is not fashionable, and who want to die for democracy after previous heroes has been forgotten.

But strikes or “sick leaves” really hurt.

While waiting for English newspaper to pick it up, Matichon reported at least several strike will be imposed if the government use violence.

And if you think that protesting at the government house would take effect, you are wrong. The government’s most soft target is economy. Try going home by sending them petition that you will not pay tax, you will withdraw your money from banks within three days, you will not buy to boost economy, you will not pay public utility bills altogether might work better than being at the government’s house.


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