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I check it, He Lied about Saturday

The Nation reported

Sondhi claims Kowit lied over royal ceremony at Government House
Sondhi Limthongkul, a leader of the People’s Alliance for Democracy, claimed Thursday that Interior Minister Kowit Watana lied about the royal ceremony to be chaired by His Royal Highness Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn at Government House.

But Sondhi told the crowd at the rally site inside Government House that he had checked with the Royal Household Bureau and learnt that the Crown Prince had no plan to chair any ceremony at Government House on Saturday.

The Nation

Those who do not pay nicely will lose a lot of popularity and Taxi radio also attacked PADs’ obstruction the national reconciliation from mother’s day to father’s day.

That said, let’s talk about other incentive provided by the government. Thairath and The Nation reported that free transportation will be provided for those who want to return home. Kowit, reported by the Nation, asked provincial governors to discourage people to join the rally in Bangkok.

It seemed that the government strategy is to wear them out and discredit them using notorious mass behavior mismanagement by PADs leaders. The government also claim not to injure people but will use discrete ways to filter leaders out and arrest them. PADs indeed create more tension and conditions for protester not to go home.

Lately, just five mins ago, Matichon reported, Samak proposed to change the venue of the Saturday event to Suan Umpon.

When asked if I will go to take photo around that areas, I said “no way.” It must stink and Matichon confirmed that the house is a mess.

In print edition, Thairath mentioned that plain clothed or yellow clothed police official were deployed inside. Thanks: local duck noodle soup who provide free copy.


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