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Day Four: Spreading the Protest and SCB

A short update today. Bangkok Post and the Nation: State Railway Authority started protesting on Thursday, some route fro North and Northeast will be affected. From the Nation: Chamlong will have to use his tactic to keep the protests with in the government house, they now have access o the building’s toilets and now underwear are available for female protesters. (Uniformed) police officer were forced to retreated earlier this morning.. Matichon reported Suropol Tuanthong confirming that snipers will not be used and in the other news, rumor has it that the army commanders will ask Samak to consider a leave if he use violence.

Media are informing people about negative impacts of PADs protest, whether or not Mr Samak earlier asked them to take side. Thairath reported deputy spokesperson as saying they have evidence, locked up in the government house about the Saturday ceremony.

On the other interesting report, also from Matichon, Siam Commercial Bank will not return the Shinawatra frozen money to the Revenue Department, unless the Administrative Court order the bank to do so, according to Anand Payarachun, the board chairman. Earlier the Nation reported “Who is the real ‘Revenue Department’? : Anand.” This should open up a new debate on wealth and steering governance in the confusing authority’s orders. If you watch the Corporation, then you might recall that a corporation would do anything to benefit shareholders.


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