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The Show Must Go On, but how are the Audiences?

Previously after refusing to turn themselves into the police, doing a strip show on the stage, according to Matichon and sat among people who will ensure their arrest will not be easy. PADs leaders talked about appeal. Manager reported Korn Chatukavanich visited the mob personally as a citizen (and Democrat MP?). Matichon, interviewing, Pariya Thewaneruemitkul (Thammsat Law school) said rebellion (maximum penalty is capital punishment) charge is too much. I guess the government did not intervene earlier because they want to gather solid evidences that they are indeed rebellions.

Ironically, the government will use judicial process against them, the same way Thaksin faced series of legal action.

Prachatat newspaper which is not available over counter in my area reported that NBT aggressors broke in to a private hosting room for Princess Ubolratana at NBT and still broadcasts Luk Kai “Stealing Chicken” theory. The theory talked about PADs used the smaller event like this mob, to overthrow old institutions respected by Thais, by their new politics. I am trying to find more reference to this. The news were read over Taxi Community Radio all day.

The man is keeping low profile, but if you miss him, there is clubthaksin.com and this slide show where people petition UK embassy to save him.


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