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Next stop: Court? Then: Arrest

3.00 pm Nation reported Criminal Court approved warrants to arrest leaders.

Matichon quoting Chamlong said he had assigned power of attroney to other people to manage over 6.6 M Baht donation in case of arrest. The leaders said they will not turn themselves in, but the police have to come and arrest them. (Sound like the “human shield” used in 1992?)

PADs’ Poll: Citing Bangkok University’s poll, Manager said people want to change government but disagree with PADs action. Oh, well, the poll only survey thousan people or so, right?

It seemed like the plan to deal with PADs is to wait until there are undeniable evidence that the leaders are rebellion before they will use. Meanwhile a minor clash results in PADs guards injuries due to a clash with some police at 3 am was reported by Matichon and the Nation. They also reported the reviews from international media is against PADs.

And I was wondering wh PADs did not use the constitution and independent organisations that they like so much to impeach the cabinet. Should they also sack MPs and senators.

Likewise, Taxi community radio and networks still mobilize people’s opinion to support the government and to give support rally to Samak today. They also let ”phone-in” people discussed about “birthday person,” and old party and PADs relationship.

TNA Radio reported that the 82 people were arrested yesterday for trespassing, carrying 3 firearms with ammunitions, destroying properties at NBT, the Criminal Court ordered them to be arrested without bail. They were transfered to Bangkok Special Prison.

Nation report the same situation as yesterday: “We need to pee

The Guardian said

It [PADs] has also proposed replacing Thailand’s electoral democracy with a system that would be dominated by appointees from the bureaucracy and the military, on the grounds that the rural majority is not sophisticated enough to choose good public servants.

One ear listening to PADs and the other listening to “Shinawatra” Community Radio, I could not feel the different. Thus, there are two “armored vehicle” radio in 2551.

Can anyone locate “Prachatat” newspapers?

9.00 am Have a read “No democracy in PAD chaos” from Bangkok Post. There are more news about middle class’s concerns as well.

9.30 am Manager reported that the chain on the govt house gate has been cut by police force. After being splashed by water, a former police officer and Udorn PPP MPs were escorted out of the government’s house/ Matichon.


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4 Responses

  1. Nuno says:

    I always wonder where the money to support PAD activities is coming from?

    To pay for all that people that is there from May 25, to pay for the PAD Guards (thugs?), to pay for the buses, to pay for the propaganda material,etc, etc.

    Who is paying all of that. We know that major corporations line behind the most important Parties, PPP and Democrats. So??

  2. Chris says:


    Probably some big businesses support PAD and I would imagine they get a lot from ex- and current Millitary generals. Middle class people give a lot regularly too. I know my fr’s family that own mid-size t-shirt factory has been giving monthly like 20, 000 baht.

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