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Reporting from the Other Side

There are network of Anti_PADs Radio networks at Cabs Community (Shinawat) Radio or NewskyThailand, if you can.

At 11.30 pm, they call for silent power to prepare to act like Bangrachan villagers to safe the nation. (Meaning another bigger mob? Turn to 92.75 FM (mine phone was better at 92.80 ) if you are in Bangkok. Tomorrow people should express concerns to support the PM around 1 pm. They also call to rescue the nation from “new” politics, including “Satharana Poki” or common capitals (anti-Liberalism, “old” institutions, and capitalism).

The taxi community radio also discussed about mobilizing look seua chao baan (villager scouts)

O, shit. Sound familiar. Can any one moderate the two extreme camps that mobilize hatred.

The other UPDATE: Matichontwo media organisations voiced their disagreement with the PM’s request to ask media to take side and collaborate with the government. They also reported more progress on arrested people.

My suggestion after listening to everybody saying they both want to rescue the nation, they both want to protect the institutions, they both want no violence. Can they both please go home and gather 100,000 people to call for a referendum if we still want an elected government and stop shits on their private radio networks.


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