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Forecast from MoF and Sanam Luang Anti-mob Mob

Large patches of grey cloud has been sighted over MoF and Ari area. It is still sunny, though. I hope the rain will disperse some protesters. Not that I don’t want to disturb the rights and responsibilities of protesters or I do not live the nation (I like people though, nation is ,like Anderson said, is imagined. People are real.)

According to Matichon, Pracha Prasopdee, PPP MP said that the people who disagree with PADs will gather at Sanam Luang and wait until 18.00 hr to see if the government will manage to control PADs’ mob. Nevin’s freinds and Chatupon Prompan, PPP Party list MP also voiced their people’s disagreement and that several groups of anti- coups people will also protest against PADs. Samak will issue a statement after the cabinet meeting.


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