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If you Don’t Join Them, You Will be in Unpredictable Traffic Congestion and Re-route

Today a friend complained about the traffics congestion caused by the Olympian Heros. Tomorrow will be the final whistle blow from PADsters. The different between participants and on-lookers locked in buses, cars and taxis are the fun and joy or fulfilling a missions (,eh?) and the upsetting de facto road blocks.

Thai said, if you don’t want to go out an struck in the traffics, either check your alternative routes or don’t go to that areas at all.

It seemed that the PADs has found a new hostage for people working a d living in old down-town bangkok — traffic congestion. They have master the art of breaking barricades, blocking roads and management and mobilization of mass people to form human road blocks. PADs realized that they could claimed the nation is falling apart without their intervention, yet I can see a vivid message: If this government is not out of our ways, there will be traffic congestion and road blocks forever. Thus, if people would like to end this conditions, they should joined the rally. When the victory is won, there will be utopia of , perhaps, less congestion.

Apart from us-them, loyalists- traitors, etc., PADs has been trying to mobilize people using traffic pressure. They might not be sure, but like Sor Jed column that draw a lot of readers to the site every monday, using scandalous gossip of politicians and stars, we could not underestimate their ploys.

UPDATE: Sonthi will only announce how the PADs rally move and which roads they will take until 6 am to prevent police blockades. The website also publish a “PADs” explanation of “general uprising,” in which, unfortunately some people would not even think that they will ever want to be automatically generalized.


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