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Please listen to the radio on blocked routes and traffic news as tomorrow the most clueless movement dubbed “general uprising” will move to the government house. After sending a link of clueless take on general uprising (How could it be general?) which is usually an uprising against an unelected government, I think the uprising came two year too slow.

Despite the fact the core PADs members tried to rise the bar to match the two Octobers movement, the element of the ‘oppositions,’ goals and ideology are significantly different. Not that they did not know, but due to lack of history lessons and mis-education of the people of Thailand on the two October movements, people tended to be convinced that the Ocotoberians protected what they actually did not want to. And the brainwashing, state and self censoring, eye and ear-closing of us, of some Octoberians among other institutionalized campaign to reframe it in a totally different light, (I hate to say “abusive.”), has crystallized in the interpretation of general uprising and PADs democracy.


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