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maternal thinking v. state thinking about maternal thinking

12 August is constructed as ‘mother’s day’ of the Thai state.   I took a lot of time to explain to my mom that her birthday is my mother’s day and everyday is actually my  mom’s day.  My mother will not be ‘national mother award’ recipient because she raised me to benefit the state as a good docile citizen. In short, I am not raised to die for the state, to fight for the state, to promote History that oppressed people.

I was reading Sara Ruddick’s Maternal Thinking: Toward a Politics of Peace  just before mother’s day later the thai national mother awards really turned maternal mentality to promote those who raised children to to fight and die for the state. It would be common to other state, too. I did not know whether the other states will have awards for mother who raised sons to be fighters on mother’s day like this. Women and men alike were told that if our ancestors did not fight and die for this land there will not be a place to live. This year, the caring and peace loving mentality would be transfered to bitter pride of losing sons to the state.

On the other hand, maternal thinking was promoted in the south as  feminity was constructed to be forgiving and peaceful, particularly after experiencing common loss of their  sons, husbands, brother or fathers and relatives, reports of women asking for peace on behalf of lost lives and new lives of their children were also promoted.

Some of national mother award recipients are mothers of soldiers and policeofficers as if to raised a son to be willing to “sacrifice” to kill and be killed and participatd in violence on  behalf of the state is an honour. Meanwhile, a mother would also be held responsible by state if the children directed violence to somewhere the state did not desire. An anynynous mother of GTA immitator who murdered a taxi driver would be lumped together as those who did not raise their children well so that they cause problem to the society. If the young ma had directed the violence to enemies of the state, the mother and children would be some kind of national hero/ heroine. 

 Had maternal thinking is natural and embeded, it would be conflicting for mothers to see their children participating in violence of any kinds. Sometimes maternal thinking is white washed and watered down and meanings of violence are altered to be heroic actions so that we have mothers that support certain violent activities. State maternal thinking can be resumed, given that policing and killing people in the south of thailand or anywhere isnot defined as violence but a glorious duties, praised by the national mother.


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