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Boston Globe on Thaksin

This article was mentioned in Matichon. The original op-ed was from Boston Globe: Thaksin takes flight

In a self-pitying statement issued from London Monday, Thaksin pretended he could not receive impartial justice from the courts in Thailand. But his own previous actions belie that claim. Back in Bangkok he had appointed defense lawyers to fight the corruption charges against him, and he recently filed his own lawsuits against critics in those same courts.

Thaksin’s allegations about a tainted Thai judiciary and his assertion that the cases against him are political should be seen as transparent attempts to lay the foundation for a claim of political asylum in British courts. To daub a little icing on that cake, he included in his handwritten statement a fear that he could face assassination if he were forced to return to Thailand.

Thaksin ought to be made to answer the charges against him in the Thai courts. A fair and transparent legal process could assure justice in particular corruption cases. It could also inoculate Thailand – and perhaps other countries as well – against the malady of one-man rule by the world’s richest media moguls or energy barons.
(emphasis added)

Isn’t it seemed that the conclusion of the op-ed also flavour judicial intervention a bit? But be careful, when something is said to be incorruptible, people with power, like moguls or barons, etc., will eventually challenge or exploit it. Attempt to restructure coup induced constitution for his benefit is another example. An attempt to change the constitution because it was written after a coup is one thing (e.g. it should be rewritten or amended or abolish because it sucks, it violate human rights blah blah blah…), while amending the constitution for someone or anyone to enjoy impunity of tax evasion, insider information expolitation and official misconducts, rather than thinking about the people is rather ugly. Anyway, it will involve a lot of connections and restructuing the judicials systems.

Thaksin is not the only person who alter judicial systems to his benefits. He is not the first nor the last one. When someone has power, it opens up possiblities to pry on loopholes.

Note, I don’t think about it as an exile anymore, probably just an investor escape. The reason he cited was not political enough for me.


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