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Where are you?— announcement to be made around noon, said lawyer.

UPDATE: Matichon said the Shinawatra lawyer said Thaksin will contact back around noon.

When Thaksin and his wife were not board on the flight back to Bangkok after the opening ceremony, people start to speculate. Rumors has it for weeks that he will take an exile.

Bangkok Post reported that the couple flied to London, where the rest of the family and the secretary were waiting earlier.

Matichon reported that the couple were not on the 8.00 am flight today Beijing to Bangkok and the spokespersons were not available for comments via mobile phone. Kanchanapa Honghern, Potjaman’s personal assistant and the three children took a seprate flight to London with of over 360 kgs of loaded baggage.

The couple can ask the court to postpone the hearing but it is likely that they could be issued arrest warrants if their lawyers failed to give sufficient reasons of their absent.

From Thairath,, Pracha , Prasopdee, PPP MPs, said Thaksin will not returned because his family has been intimidated despite he said to give up involving with politics. Thaksin and his wife may be granted one to two week to report to the court before arrest warrants will be issued. Pracha also commented that peoplewho want to know about the matter can follow international report.

Manager went to the extreme, citing Taikorn Polsuwan that Thaksin will use Rakesh Sakxena (breaking UN armed embargo and financing Sirra Lenoes armed group, and embezzlement–now avoid extradition to Thailand in Canada) and Roman Abramovich and Boris Berezovsky cases to claim for seeking political exile.

Breaking news from Bangkok Post said:

Mr Pracha [Prasopdee] advised the former premier’s supporters to return home, saying the ex-premier might come back to Bangkok Monday morning instead.

However, he later revealed that he was informed the Mr Thaksin would not return for the time being.

Instead, Mr Thaksin will issue a statement from London at 9am Monday stating why he did not go to Bangkok as scheduled, Mr Pracha said without elaboration.

Thairath printed edition headline reported that Thaksin and wife fled to England, seeking a refuge for “fear of assassination and execution.”

Now it’s 9.30 am.


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