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Thaksin cited “justice interference” and being threatened, seek politcal asylum

” …not my day…”

A faxed statement said. Thaksin said he and his family will not be safe in Thailand and that the result of undemocratic coup. He was investigated by adversarial parties and also lamenting that the constitution drafted after the coup set those who are directly or indirectly supported the coup to be commissioners to attack him. He also mentioned that he and his family were mistreated. What happened to him was against the rule of law. The justice system has been intervened (การแทรกแซงกระบวนการยุติธรรม) and double standards has been imposed against him, (การใช้ระบบ 2 มาตรฐาน) for political motivations. He also mentioned of risks of assassination.
More at the Nation and Matichon, where his faxed statement has been showed.

So he decided to move to UK, where there democratic principles prevail.

But PAD will not stop protesting.

If the fruit was poisonous, he was the one who planted the seed because he just abuse democratic system so much that some people think that democratic principles are useless and judicial intervention are much needed because political system only protect each other’s interests. TRT are not to blame alone. Every party will do the same to save their positions. But do not lose hope in democracy, he can find it in the UK. The rest of Thais who cannot afford it had to live with the new standard of “judicial intervention.” To technocrats, he convinced people that there is no ways but a ‘special’ ways to get him out. He proved that the democratic system did not work to some impatient Thais, who would rather see what had been promoted as ‘right’ but not democratic, rather than democracy that was said ‘not to be able to do the right things.’ His actions and the interventions worked together bearing the malicious venom to the whole system.


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