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mmmm Ceasefire?


Southern peace?
Two men claiming to be behind the war in the South said on Thursday they have called a cease-fire to end four and a half years of violence. Their claims were unverified.

The two men appeared in a pre-recorded videotape broadcast without notice by Channel 5, the army-operated TV station based in Bangkok.

There was no government participation or reaction to the claim.

The unidentified men, with an army reporter seated between them, claimed they had ordered a cease-fire in the South effective last Monday.

The claim seemed dubious. There have been several killings and bombings since Monday. More than 3,500 people have died in the ongoing violence since January 2004.

The two middle-aged men claimed to be the head of Thailand United Southern Underground group. They claimed they now support peace in the South.

Former army commander Gen Chetta Thanajaro, leader of the Ruamjaithai Chartpattana political party in parliament, announced earlier that he would hold a press conference at 2pm on Thursday to provide further details.

Gen Chetta, who also has served as defence minister, said the plan by insurgent groups to stop the daily violence which has occurred since January 2004, came after several rounds of “unofficial negotiations” aimed at ending the unrest, mainly in the troubled southern provinces of Songkhla, Pattani, Yala and Narathiwat.

Whether the situation in the region would improve after a pledge by the unknown men must be seen in what actually happens, he said, adding that no conditions were given for the stop to the violence.

“There’s no political hidden agenda behind the plan,” Gen Chetta said. “I will take the responsibility. This is considered a good sign and I’m confident the situation would improve compared to before.”

However, he said he would not guarantee that no violence would erupt in future. (BangkokPost.com, TNA)

It looks so unitary, no requirement, no demand for remedy, no demand for self-government, and I can make myself belief that there is a unified organization responsible for it. Collective underground group? What about demand for negotiations and bargaining with the government? Too good to be true. Give me a break. No cheating on Buddhist Holiday.

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