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In Search of Election Guilt-Free Political Parties?

Now almost every Thai political party is being threatened to be terminated. But what the Election Commission could not do is to terminate electoral fraud itself. People’s Power Party, Chat Thai, Machima and Democrat part all have election fraud charge with the Election Commission. PPP seemed to eager to amend the Constitution for its survival.

Today, Suthep Theuksuban of Democrat denied Samak’s comment that the party will join Constitution amendment as proposed by the PM, Bangkok Post reported.

Regarding the premier’s remarks that the Democrat Party would agree with the charter rewrite because one of its MPs is likely to be disqualified by the Election Commission, he said the party had always respected the law and strictly adhered to the democratic system.

He affirmed the party disagreed with any constitutional amendment if it was made for the sake of its own survival.

Any charter rewrite must be made for the benefit of the country and people as well as the permanent development of the democratic system.

“Should the government propose the charter amendment immediately upon the opening of the parliamentary session,” Mr Suthep said, that shows its agreement to set up the joint government and opposition committee to study the charter rewrite is meaningless.

When most of parties are guilty and they are facing nearly the same verdict, either to be disqualified by Election Commission and/or also to have the parties dissolved, what could be hope in a parliament when everybody is seeking their new parties set up business. We have the cabinet that has to figure out daily question and popularity challenge and opposition parties that failed to question Chai Chitchob’s questionable MP status, according to Matichon. Chai was said to have prohibitive aspects according to the Constitution as he held share in a company that had state concession and is wife is a shareholder and a director board member. A letter had been sent to Abhisit to gather at least 48 MPs to petition the Constitution Court to advice this matter.Matichon further reported that Democrat MPs: Suthep Theuksuban and Lapsak Laparojkij, Chat Thai MPs, including Banharn Silapa-archa and daughter are likely to be guilty in the same manner.

So everybody is busy covering their misconduct and not willing to work for what they are paid for. Finally we will all have brand new parties that do the same misconducts, conflict of interest and gray corruption and they will be busy sweeping everything under their carpets without sweeping the nation clean of corruption.

I’d say the EC mission is a mission impossible.


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