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Importing Guns

it is honestly not a coincidence that Bangkok Pundit posted “Exporting Bomb.” I normally finished my annual counts around June and i am rather distracted this year.

Anyway, voila! The first count (then it have to be recount and verify to see weather too much coffee affected my counting) Hence, if official information are needed for citation, scroll down below.

Overall, to ensure maximum safety, firearms imported have more firing power (.44, if you want to be Dirty Harry), it is obvious that pistols are not enough, particularly if you are in certain areas where combat shotguns training is available of state officers and employers.

For anyone who want to check if any official bomb were exported, or if I missed something the customs department kindly provide online import-export statistic To help you get there quick, the two digit HS-Code for armed munitions, bombs are included, is 93.


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