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Fast but not Fast Enough

Despite Noppadol’s resignation, the impeachment motion proposed by the Democrat moved on. MAtichon reported that the Joint Opposition Party Secretariat using 141 MPs petitioned the speaker of the Parliament just several hours before Noppadol Pattama actually annouced his resignation. So far, I think Noppadol will be accountable for he had entered Thailand to an international treaty, bypassing national assembly approval. The constitutional court ruling did not go to indicate whether he caused Thailand to lose part of its territory or not or whether the country should gain or regain Preah Vihear or hether Preah Vijear actually belong to which country. Yet the nationalism sentiments is powerful than the fact that the effective international agreement on Preah Vihear had already entered into force some years ago at international criminal court and it is irrevocable.

Section 190. The King has the prerogative to conclude a peace treaty, armistice and other treaties with other countries or international organisations.

A treaty which provides for a change in the Thai territories or the Thai external territories that Thailand has sovereign right or jurisdiction over such territories under any treaty or an international law or requires the enactment of an Act for its implementation or affects immensely to economic or social security of the country or results in the binding of trade, investment budget of the country significantly must be approved by the National Assembly. In such case, the National Assembly must complete its consideration within sixty days as from the date of receipt of such matter.
Before the conclusion of a treaty with other countries or international organisations under paragraph two, the Council of Ministers must provide information thereon to the public, conduct public consultation and state information in relevant thereto to the National Assembly. In such case, the Council of Ministers must submit negotiation framework to the National Assembly for approval.

Upon giving signature to the treaty under paragraph two, the Council of Ministers shall, prior to give consent to be bound, facilitate the public to get access to the details of such treaty. In the case where the application of such treaty has affected the public or small and medium entrepreneurs, the Council of Ministers must revise or render remedy to such effects rapidly, expediently and fairly.

There shall be a law determining measure and procedure for the conclusion of a treaty having immense effects to economic or social security of the country or resulting in the binding of trade or investment of the country significantly and the revision or rendering of remedy to the effects of such treaty with due regard to the fairness among the beneficiaries, the affected persons and the general public.

A matter arising from the provisions of paragraph two falls within the jurisdiction of the Constitutional Court and the provisions of section 154 (1) shall apply mutatis mutandis to the referring of the matter to the Constitutional Court. (emphasis added)

Chalerm Yubamroong, in the same newspaper, proposed that the whole cabinet should resign to avoid being impeached. Oh, my.

Previously on the impeachment list was Chaiya Sasongsap, Minister of Public Health, Yongyuth already get red carded. So what’s next? Will judicial power overrides the cabinet and MPs one by one?


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