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Reprisal: Extra-judicial Killing in The Deep South and Blogs

Midnight of 20 June 2008, a young Pol. Lt. was blogging on his birthday. Turning 24, he volunteered to be working in Yala (earlier dubbed as “Timore Leste,” to avoid his family’s suspicions), early in the same morning, he was killed in an ambushed. As a popular blogger earlier at diaryis.com (see polize.diaryis.com), there are many people in the same blog-sphere and other people who had been introduced by several TV and newspaper report and blog search to read Pol.Lt. Tee’s blog. Many post patriotic responses, his colleagues inform him that they will get “’em” for sure. Later I read a Matichon reported read “six were extra-judicially executed, upon knowing that they have engaged in an ambush that kill Pol.Lt. Tee,” only seven days later.

I don’t know if there are blogs in Malayu or in Jawi and if the family of six extra-judicially murdered will have any chance to redeem the history of the death for Thai middle class blog writers and readers, mostly not living in the area.

Lt. Tee is not the only one working there blogging and will remain blogging, influencing public opinion and provoke ‘patriotic’ feeling for people who would neither work there nor know what it is like from other point of view. They would only know that the border patrol police, the military and anyone work there do it for the good of the nation and to save a piece of land Thais are entitled to. Police officers and military officers there are “good” and insurgents are “bad.” That is what a blog on the south by officers, who cannot really tell operation details and what they do, can related to.

And that might become a neutral fact to some blog readers. I would not be surprised if someone would write: “I heard that your mates killed them for your revenge, sleep well.” And people will think that it is justified to kill six insurgents/civilians to revenge for one officer. “They fought back,” was a reason explained in another blog showing insider post operation photos. (See also: http://www.oknation.net/blog/southpeace)


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